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Diabetic foot is one of the common complications of diabetes

Diabetic foot is one of the common complications of diabetes, once the disease has a greater threat to the patient’s foot health, serious or even leading to amputation.In fact, diabetic foot is not at the very beginning or very serious, diabetic foot also has its own pathogenesis, the following is to introduce diabetic foot stage symptoms:
Diabetic foot stage symptom

Level 0 — refers to the foot that has a high risk factor for ulceration. For those patients who do not currently have foot ulcer, education should be followed up regularly to strengthen foot protection, and podiatrists should be asked to give specific guidance when necessary to prevent foot ulcer.Foot that has a risk factor for foot ulcer and currently has no ulcer.
Level 1 – foot skin ulcer, no clinical infection.The prominent manifestation is nervous ulcer.This ulcer may occur at a point of pressure, such as the heel, foot, or base of the toe, where the ulcer is surrounded by callose.Surface ulcer, no clinical infection.
Level 2 — deeper, penetrating ulcer, often associated with soft tissue infection, but without osteomyelitis or deep abscess, the ulcer may contain some special bacteria, such as anaerobic bacteria and aerobe bacteria.Deeper ulcer, often associated with soft tissue inflammation, free of abscess or bone infection.
Grade 3 deep ulcer, often affecting bone tissue, with deep abscess or osteomyelitis.
Level 4 – characterized by an ischemic ulcer, gangrene in a local or specific part of the foot.Usually associated with neuropathy.Gangrene without severe pain indicates neuropathy.Infection may occur on the surface of the necrotic tissue.
Level 5 – gangrene affects the whole foot.Major artery blockages play a major role in etiology, neuropathy and infection also affect, and total gangrene.
Treatment of diabetic foot
Above is the stage symptom of diabetic foot patient, for the diabetic foot patient that does not have ulcer early, should do the care of the foot and protect the work, avoid occurrence trauma;In case of foot ulcer, use medicine like sugar gangrene to avoid serious disease like bone infection.
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