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Diet therapy for diabetes patients

Diet therapy for diabetes patients
Clinically, it is not accidental that many patients with diabetes develop repeatedly. In many cases, it is because of the inability to control diet and the unscientific diet that the medicine fails to play its due role.Here is a description of the diabetic diet, hope to help.
1. Dietary principles of diabetic patients:
1) diabetics should not eat too much and eat too many meals, which can effectively avoid the peak of blood sugar after meals.
Diabetes patients should properly control the amount of staple food. Generally speaking, the amount of staple food for people resting at home should be between 250g and 300g, that of light manual workers should be between 350g and 400g, and that of heavy manual workers should be between 450g and 550g.
3) after the blood glucose is lowered, the amount of staple food can be increased appropriately. The specific amount should follow the doctor’s advice.
4) diabetics should abandon all kinds of bad living habits. They should not eat snacks, smoke or drink too much.
5) diabetic patients should control their diet, but it does not mean that they need to be hungry for a long time and eat properly.
6) diabetics should eat more roughage and less delicate food.
2. Foods that diabetics should limit include:
1) eat less nuts, such as peanuts, melon seeds, pine nuts, etc., especially not as food or to satisfy hunger.
2) people with diabetes should drink more water, but sugar should not be added to the water, just plain water.
3) diabetics should not eat sweets and other sugary snacks.
4) although beans are rich in nutrition, starch is the main ingredient of other beans except soya beans. Diabetic patients should eat less.
5) in addition to controlling starch and sugar, elderly diabetic patients should strictly limit their intake of cholesterol and not more than 2 eggs a day.
6) the diet of diabetic patients should be light, and the daily intake of salt should not exceed 6g, especially when combined with hypertension, food taste should be paid attention to, and no pickles, pickles and so on should be eaten.

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