Dietary restrictions for diabetics

As we all know, among the dietary taboos of diabetic people, first of all, sugar should not be eaten, including sweets, biscuits, desserts and so on.There are other dietary restrictions for people with diabetes.
People with diabetes should not eat more pasta, such as steamed bread.If want to eat steamed bread, had better oneself make noodles at home, add a bit of coarse grain, miscellaneous grain in flour.
2. People with diabetes should not eat more fruits with high sugar content such as bananas, longan and persimmon. They should eat some fruits and vegetables such as kiwi fruit and cucumber.
3. Diabetics should not eat preserved fruit, such as dates, raisins, persimmon cakes, etc.
4, diabetic person cannot drink fruit juice, what need to notice is, eat fruit to also want to hold time, eat more appropriate between meal or two commonly.
5. People with diabetes cannot eat canned food because canned food will add added substances and saccharin in the process of processing.


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