Yomandamor 6 Pairs Men’s Quarter Socks


1.70% bamboo + 30% elastane material for the finest fit and comfort;

2.Seamless toe,non irritating smooth toe seam,odor-resistant antibacterial;Lightweight,suits for all season

3.Micromesh and breathing hole: the sock can breathe and discharge the sweat perfectly;Very stretchy

4.With non-binding top ,reduce the risk of infection, foot pressure and blistering. Better for circulation

5.Large wide calf and top;Suits for those who have high demand for comfort, especially particular people like diabetes and the elderly

6.High quality with the low price;If there are any problems about our products please email us,we will send you other for free

Yomandamor diabetic socks are made of breathable bamboo material for the finest fit and comfort.The socks have extra padding, which can help patients who are at risk of developing ulcers and keeping the foot dry, feeling fresh and healthy.

Traditional socks contain prominent seams, especially in the toe area could cause irritations to form in a diabetic’s foot, however, yomandamor diabetic socks are completely seamless.

The tops of Yomandamor diabetic socks are also designed to be non-binding which means the socks will not have a tight-fitting elastic band to prevent slippage like traditional socks.This allows for better circulation in the legs, one of the first areas damaged by uncontrolled high blood sugar levels.

Bamboo fiber is a new and environmental fiber, which can become more stronger, after blend with cotton fiber.

Bamboo fiber has excellent soft touch and draping, resilience and abrasion resistance than viscose fibers and Bamboo Fiber Properties is the largest of any fibers that do not have natural antibacterial properties.

In a word,the yomandamor diabetic socks suits for those who have high demand for comfort, especially particular people like diabetes and the elderly.




6 Pairs

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  1. Brenda

    I bought a set of these socks and after about four washings, liked them so much I bought another 6-pack. Nice light and cool feel which does not bind, slip, or sag. I am not diabetic but these are my favorites anyway. Its a mystery to me how a pair of socks can be so non-binding and still stay on my calf all day without feeling tight and without leaving any indentations in my skin when I remove them.

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