Yomandamor 6 Pairs Women’s Dress Socks


57% Bamboo + 23% Cotton + 5% Nylon + 15% Elastane

More soft and comfortable than normol dress socks.Classic dress socks are perfect for the office, travel or casual wear;Thicker and durable

Function:Breathability/Antibiosis/Absorbent/Deodorization.Keep your feet health fresh and dry

Seamless smooth toe for longer, more comfortable wear.

Stay-up performance comfort top, machine wash.

Fits shoe size 7-12. Mid-Calf dress socks. 6 pack socks contains. If there are any problems about our products please email us,we will send you other for free

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Yomandamor dress socks are made of breathable 57% bamboo/23% cotton/5% nylon/15% elastane material for the finest fit and comfort.

Bamboo fiber is a new and environmental fiber, which can become more stronger, after blend with cotton fiber.

Bamboo fiber has excellent soft touch and draping, resilience and abrasion resistance than viscose fibers and Bamboo Fiber Properties is the largest of any fibers that do not have natural antibacterial properties.

The function of breathability antibiosis absorbent and deodorization,so your feet will keep health fresh and dry.

Seamless smooth toe for longer, more comfortable wear.

6 Pack socks contains,each pair of Yomandamor socks is made with high quality and then carefully inspected to offer the customer the finest possible quality.

Give it a try and you will love it!


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